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Web Novel translation has never been easier with Webnovels AI automating the entire process for you!

✅ Instant bulk translation for Web Novels
✅ Customizable glossary for your Hangul translations
✅ Bring your own GPT key for unlimited Web Novel translation
✅ Tailored for Web Novel readers or translators
✅ Make money with your translations and earn

Loved by 100+ readers, AND translators!

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Webnovels AI
  • Cost-Effective

  • Barely any editing required

  • Multilingual Capability

  • Custom glossaries for each novel

  • Dynamic AI Learning

Traditional MTL translators
  • High Cost

  • Requires significant editing

  • Multiple Translators Required

  • No glossary functionality

  • Inconsistent Quality

What people think of our translations.

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"Your translations are truly great after reading countless novels where only every third sentence makes sense it’s truly great reading your work. "


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"Thanks for translating --enjoying the story "


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"I gotta say, your translations are some of the best I have read on novelupdates so far, thanks!"


Web Novel Translation for your novels.

At Webnovels AI, we get it—diving into a captivating Web novel isn’t the same if the translation’s off. Ever tried to read a book where the essence is lost in translation? Total bummer. That’s why our platform is dedicated to bringing you the best web novel translator experience, so you don’t miss a single plot twist or heart-stopping moment.

Ever wondered how we handle web novel english novel translation flawlessly? Well, we use cutting-edge tech that’s actually smart about it. You bring your own GPT API key and bam, you’ve got unlimited translations. No more waiting around. We’ve got background translation covered too, meaning you can keep reading while our system does the heavy lifting, translating your favorite novels seamlessly into English.

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Translate Web Novels to English

Translating Web novels to English has never been easier, thanks to Webnovels AI. Whether you’re a seasoned reader or just getting started, our tools make Web Novel English novel translation a breeze.

First up, let’s talk unlimited translations. Ever been hooked on a novel only to hit a paywall? That’s not happening here. With our platform, you can translate as many novels as you want. Seriously, we mean uncapped novel translation. Bring your GPT API key, and you’re set.

But it’s not just about quantity; we’ve got quality, too. Our Background Translation feature does all the heavy lifting while you kick back and enjoy the story. We’re talking seamless transitions and smooth reads, no awkward phrases here.

Worried about cultural references slipping through the cracks? Our AI Glossary Generator has your back. Translate cultural references accurately, so you never miss a beat.

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What makes Webnovels AI different?
Highest quality AI translation

The best translation, from our extensive experience with human translation. We’ve worked hard on our platform because we also use Webnovels AI!

Built for translators and readers

As translators, we want to deliver the highest quality novels to readers. Spend less time on menial grammar checking and word for word translations. Free up time for personalisation and nuance.

Backed by years of experience

Our team of experts has years of experience with reading and writing translations for Chinese, Korean and Japanese novels. Trust us to always make sure you’re getting the quality output you deserve.

Web Novel English Translation Made Easy

Unlimited Translations

Ever hit a paywall right when you’re knee-deep in an epic story? We’ve all been there. With Webnovels AI, you can forget about limits. Just bring your own GPT API key, and you’re set for unlimited translations. Jump into as many Web Novels as your heart desires.

Background Translation

Don’t want to keep hitting “translate” every few paragraphs? Yup, nobody does. Our background translation feature works seamlessly, ensuring you get a smooth reading experience. It handles everything, from dialogue to detailed descriptions, without breaking a sweat.

AI Glossary Generator

Ever get lost in translation? Our automated AI Glossary Generator has got you covered. It makes sure cultural references and nuanced phrases stay true to their original meaning. No more scratching your head over misinterpreted idioms or slang.

Multiple Formats

Prefer reading on your Kindle, tablet, or even your smartphone? No problem. Webnovels AI lets you download translations in various formats—epub, pdf, html, or txt. Choose your preferred format and dive back into your book in no time.

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FAQs for Web Novel Translation with Webnovels AI

What are the key features of Webnovels AI for Web Novel

Webnovels AI offers uncapped translations, background translation for smooth readability, an AI glossary generator for preserving cultural references, and multiple download formats for convenience.

How does Webnovels AI handle cultural nuances in translations?

First of all, compare the quality. The novel translations for Webnovels AI is of a superior quality in every way either gramatically or linguistically in terms of keeping the original meaning of the text.

If you don’t believe the results please try it on your own novel, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results of our AI English Translations.

Can I download translated Web Novels from Webnovels AI?

Yes, Webnovels AI provides multiple download formats, allowing users to download and read translated novels that they own in their preferred format.

Is the translation process for Web Novels difficult with Webnovels AI?

No, Webnovels AI makes translating Web Novels easy and fast!

Why should I use Webnovels AI for reading Web Novel?

Webnovels AI offers seamless and accurate translations, preserving cultural nuances.