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✅ Instant bulk translation for complete novels
✅ Customizable glossary to perfect translations
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✅ Tailored for both avid readers and professional translators
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Webnovels AI
  • Cost-Effective

  • Barely any editing required

  • Multilingual Capability

  • Custom glossaries for each novel

  • Dynamic AI Learning

Traditional MTL translators
  • High Cost

  • Requires significant editing

  • Multiple Translators Required

  • No glossary functionality

  • Inconsistent Quality

What people think of our translations.

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"Thanks for translating --enjoying the story "


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"Your translations are truly great after reading countless novels where only every third sentence makes sense it’s truly great reading your work. "


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"I gotta say, your translations are some of the best I have read on novelupdates so far, thanks!"


Instant translations for your novels.

Our approach is tailored to ensure you get the best and fastest translation of your novel, why wait to find out what happens next?

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We’re not Google Translate.

We are novel readers ourselves, we deeply understand that Asian novels that are machine translated are inferior in most ways. Therefore, we constantly improve our models and work to make sure we provide the best translation for asian novels in the market.

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What makes Webnovels AI different?
Highest quality AI translation

The best translation, from our extensive experience with human translation. We’ve worked hard on our platform because we also use Webnovels AI!

Built for translators and readers

As translators, we want to deliver the highest quality novels to readers. Spend less time on menial grammar checking and word for word translations. Free up time for personalisation and nuance.

Backed by years of experience

Our team of experts has years of experience with reading and writing translations for Chinese, Korean and Japanese novels. Trust us to always make sure you’re getting the quality output you deserve.

One portal to unlock all novels.

We should not have to wait for official translations for the book we purchased only to purchase it again. Buy your ebook and translate it with us, read whatever you want whenever you want.

  • Novel storage
  • Glossary for each of your novels
  • Download translations as EPUB, PDF, or TXT
  • Translate from and to Chinese/Japanese/Korean/English
  • Keep constantly updated as our AI learns from your novels

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What is Webnovels AI

Webnovels AI is the ultimate solution crafted by the creator of Lightnovels AI to enable and empower readers to get AI MTL translated novels quickly and to a legible quality.

We have had constant requests for our workflow and praise for the translated result. This is a culmination of the work of a translator that has been doing Chinese Novel translation for the past couple years and reading for even longer.

Why should I use this instead of Google Translate?

First of all, compare the quality. The novel translations for Webnovels AI is of a superior quality in every way either gramatically or linguistically in terms of keeping the original meaning of the text.

If you don’t believe the results please try it on your own novel, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results of our AI English Translations.

Will your novels require editing?

Yes, although the novels are perfectly readable as they are, the final result will need editing by a translator. We have crafted our novel translation AI to not miss any content or text but it is always best to have someone go through it again.

If you would like this service, please enquire with a custom quote for english translations.

How accurate are your novels?

As our novels are automatically translated, they are not going to be perfect, there will be hiccups. What we can do for you however is give you a complete novel quickly. Our process is evolving and we currently QC the glossary for terms that would be used for your translation.

Our novel translation engine has been tested on various novels and there will be hiccups, these are not perfect translations but it is superior to a Google Translate experience.

What novels can I translate with Webnovels AI?

Our AI is trained and specifically crafted for Asian Novels including Japanese, Korean and Chinese Web Novels or Light Novels.

This is why we’re so proud to be the only offering on the market targeting Asian Novel readers.

How should I get started?

Our system is currently in early access but we will be allowing translation requests externally. Simply head to the pricing page and fill out a form, pay and we will deliver the novel to you within 48h.